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November 10-11-12 2023


The first event dedicated to Portuguese
Modernist architecture in Faro !

The event is all about celebrating and promoting mid-century buildings. We want to help people appreciate and learn about these special structures through things like guided tours, open house visits, networking, and art exhibitions.

The buildings and houses we're interested in were mostly built between the 1950s and 1970s.

In our debut event in 2022, we honored the Portuguese architect Manuel Gomes Da Costa, who designed more than 300 modernist buildings in Faro.

Over three days in 2022, we brought together over 150 people from all over Europe and the USA, with Lisbon and Berlin being the most well-represented cities.

Most of our attendees are architecture lovers, architects, designers, and artists who share a love for this kind of architecture.

tickets available end of September 2023

What the participants experienced :

  • Explored Modernist buildings, private homes, and neighborhoods through intimate group tours.

  • Gained insights into the captivating history of Faro's Modernist architecture and its significance.

  • Immersed themselves in international artists' exhibitions inspired by Modernism, and had the opportunity to acquire stunning artworks.

  • Established valuable connections by engaging with influential artists, architects, designers, and fellow enthusiasts.

  • Savored cocktails and dinners bathed in the warm Algarve sunshine.

  • Collaborated and engaged in lively discussions about preserving Faro's Modernist heritage.

  • Found inspiration and connected with people who share a passion for Modernism.

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Who we are ?

We are Angélique and Christophe De Oliveira and we settled in Portugal in 2018, following Chris' Portuguese roots. We immediately fell in love with Faro and became promoters of its Modernist architectural heritage. We even wrote a book


In 2021, we launched The Modernist accommodation in Faro. With it, we created a unique architectural hospitality experience and became a reference in architecture travel in Europe. We have been featured in Forbes, Monocle, National Geographic, Elle Decor and Evasoes. 


Following our passion for architecture, we had a dream to gather others passionate for the first Modernist architecture weekend in Faro. Let's share the relatively unknown but significant heritage of Faro.

Angie & Chris
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