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November 10-11-12 2023


The first event dedicated to Portuguese
Modernist architecture in Faro !

It's mission is to celebrate and promote Mid-century architecture by encouraging preservation and knowledge through walking tours, open houses, networking, design and art shows.


The buildings and houses of interest are mostly built between years 50s and 70s.


For the event first edition in 2022, the Portuguese architect Manuel Gomes Da Costa was honored with his more than 300 modernist constructions in Faro.


This 3 day event gathered more than 150 participants coming from all over Europe & USA. Lisbon and Berlin were the most representative cities !

Attendees being mostly architects, designers, artists.


"We want to share and raise awareness of the exceptional

and unknown architectural Modernist heritage of Faro in Portugal !"

Angie & Chris, owners of The Modernist Faro & organizers of the event

Check 2022 program

Event program


During the 3 days event, more than 150 participants discovered the exceptional and unknown architecture heritage of Faro !


They participated in 3 Modernist walking tours of 2H of the city ,

more than 10 open houses sessions of Modernist Houses to rehabilitated Art deco house and 1 "Back to the 70s" dinner and networking night at The Areomar Hotel in Faro's beach.

The event was in English and all visits had a entrance fee between 10€ and 35€.


A free art exhibition was set-up at Modernist Aeromar Hotel by Richard Walker, London based artist inspired by the Modernist movement.


What the participants experienced :

-Explored Modernist buildings, private homes and neighborhoods with small group tours


-Learned about the miracle of Faro's Modernist architecture and its history


-Enjoyed international artists’ exhibitions inspired by Modernism and bought some art


-Met and networked with influential artists, architects, designers and passionate people


-Enjoyed cocktails and dinners under the Algarve sun


-Shared & debated ideas to perverse Modernist heritage of Faro


-Get inspired and met like-minded people

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Who we are ?

We are Angélique and Christophe De Oliveira and we settled in Portugal in 2018, following Chris' Portuguese roots. We immediately fell in love with Faro and became promoters of its Modernist architectural heritage. We even wrote a book


In 2021, we launched The Modernist accommodation in Faro. With it, we created a unique architectural hospitality experience and became a reference in architecture travel in Europe. We have been featured in Forbes, Monocle, National Geographic, Elle Decor and Evasoes. 


Following our passion for architecture, we had a dream to gather others passionate for the first Modernist architecture weekend in Faro. Let's share the relatively unknown but significant heritage of Faro.

Angie & Chris
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